Licensing Pharma and Outsourcing: a global trend

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Company Profile

AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

AZAD, a privately held company, was established in 2000 to exclusively handle Cilag’s global sales and marketing activities of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).



AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

To the best of our knowledge these products are not protected by patent rights in the country of origin of the material. Patents or supplementary protection certificates, however, may still be valid in some countries.


Research & Development

AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

AZAD focuses on molecules that are complex to synthesize both from a process as well as patents points of view. The process development is managed under the supervision of AZAD’s own chemists based in Schaffhausen Switzerland.

Licensing Pharmaceutical Products from AZAD

Many companies are now licensing-in pharmaceutical products in order to increase the scope of their valuable pharmaceutical products. AZAD Pharma AG is a privately held company that was founded in order to increase the marketing potential of Cilag APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Further co-operations included that with the University of Zurich and then with Yonsung Fine Chemicals Co Ltd, Korea for active pharmaceuticals. It was then a logical step to go downstream and today, AZAD is a recognised name in licensing finished dosage pharmaceutical products.

Why Licensing or Outsourcing of Finished Pharmaceutical Products has become Important?

Research and development is consuming a lot of resources of the pharmaceutical companies, in particular due to constantly increasing and sharpening regulatory requirements. This resulted into logical consequence for pharmaceutical manufacturers to prioritise their development projects and dedicate limited capacities and resources to the most important ones. In order to maintain as complex and wide portfolio as possible, which is required and expected by their customers, the only solution for pharmaceutical companies remains the outsourcing and in-licensing of various products developed by other manufacturers or by specialised R&D companies.. AZAD Pharma AG belongs among such companies providing various services in the field of market analysis, research and development, generation of data for pharmaceutical development, completion of registration documentation, regulatory services including management of registration procedures, manufacturing and supply of pharmaceutical products, including logistics, pharmacovigilance, etc. AZAD is focusing on generic products, approaching leading global, regional and national generic companies and offering its services, products and support to them.

Licensing pharmaceuticals - making the best use of your own research and development

Licensing-in pharmaceuticals is the smart way forward in many cases as developing a new product can prove challenging and budgets for research and development may be minimal. Therefore, licensing pharmaceutical products from the right partners can be the best move. AZAD invests in API development by working closely with partners around the world. AZAD has created a number of finished dosage form products as a direct result of the licensing pharma trend including injectable drugs and products for the ophthalmic sector. Additionally the company is well advanced in its’ research into preservative-free ophthalmic products and oncology drugs
Licensing-in pharmaceuticals allows you to increase your portfolio. You can find out more about the role that AZAD Pharma AG has played in the development of a wide range of products with its partners in Europe and further afield at We are also happy to discuss any aspect of licensing pharma and look forward to hearing from you by email or telephone in the first instance.

AZAD also produces a comprehensive range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s), which AZAD supplies to various customers – generic pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers - all over the world. The main markets are the European Union Countries, North America. However, AZAD has significant sales in Japan, the Middle East, South East Asia, North Africa and South America. All products are made either in EU and/or FDA approved sites. You can find more related information at www.azad.chor contact us by email or telephone for further information.

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