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AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

AZAD, a privately held company, was established in 2000 to exclusively handle Cilag’s global sales and marketing activities of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).



AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

To the best of our knowledge these products are not protected by patent rights in the country of origin of the material. Patents or supplementary protection certificates, however, may still be valid in some countries.


Research & Development

AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

AZAD focuses on molecules that are complex to synthesize both from a process as well as patents points of view. The process development is managed under the supervision of AZAD’s own chemists based in Schaffhausen Switzerland.

What is Brinzolamide?

Brinzolamide active pharmaceutical ingredient is produced for AZAD Pharma AG/AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG, Switzerland by contract manufacturers/partners, which have the highest standards, i.e. local GMP and EU/FDA approved manufacturing sites. It is used in finished formulations to treat open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. It relieves pressure in patients who have ocular hypertension and prevents further damage to the cornea in those with glaucoma. If left untreated, ocular hypertension often develops into glaucoma, so early treatment with brinzolamide is vital. Glaucoma is a condition that is characterised by damage to the ocular nerve and atrophy of the optic disc. Loss of vision can be easily and effectively prevented with the timely application of brinzolamide eye drops, which are also manufactured for AZAD Pharma AG, again at an EU approved site, and licensed out to major generic players in the pharmaceutical market. Brinzolamide is available as an active pharmaceutical ingredient in sterile and non-sterile forms.

Learn More about Brinzolamide

Brinzolamide is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Carbonic anhydrase is an enzyme that can cause the eye to produce more fluid in its frontal section. The fluid is called aqueous humour and a build-up can cause sustained pressure on the cornea. Brinzolamide blocks the enzyme and therefore reduces the amount of fluid produced, which, in turn, lessens overall pressure on the cornea and optical nerve. To maintain lower pressure, treatment sometimes includes more than one type of brinzolamide eye drop and AZAD will soon offer a combination eye drop containing the beta-blocker, timolol. AZAD Pharma AG supplies finished drug products such as brinzolamide eye drops to clients around the globe. Eye drops containing the substance are manufactured under stringent conditions at an EU approved plant in Portugal.

Why choose Brinzolamide?

Brinzolamide is widely prescribed by ophthalmologists and general practitioners all over the world. Our high-quality eye drop solution is safe and easy to use and the benefits can be seen quickly, provided the course of treatment is completed. Brinzolamide eye drops are applied directly to the cornea and since very little is absorbed into the bloodstream, the risk of brinzolamide reacting adversely with other drugs is extremely low. Brinzolamide eye drops are typically supplied as a 1 % solution that is available on prescription. Brinzolamide eye drops are typically used three times per day to reduce elevated intraocular pressure and treat glaucoma but the usage frequency is indicated by the competent ophthalmologist. If using other topical treatments the patient should allow an interval of at least ten minutes between each. You may be interested to know that brinzolamide combination eye drops were shown to be superior to other combination eye drops in a UK study. Brinzolamide may also be a useful alternative when beta-blockers and prostaglandin analogues are unsuitable.
AZAD Brinzolamide is made at EU & FDA approved sites and used in a finished dosage formulation, which is licensed out to pharmaceutical manufacturers and registered for use in countries throughout the world including the UK, Switzerland and Germany. Find out more about the benefits of choosing convenient and easy to use AZAD brinzolamide eye drops today at AZAD brinzolamide, a safe, reliable and effective product from a brand you can trust.

About AZAD

AZAD continually strives to develop value added drug products that make a real difference such as oncology products and preservative free ophthalmics - you can find out more about these and the company's full product range at

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