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AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

AZAD, a privately held company, was established in 2000 to exclusively handle Cilag’s global sales and marketing activities of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).



AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

To the best of our knowledge these products are not protected by patent rights in the country of origin of the material. Patents or supplementary protection certificates, however, may still be valid in some countries.


Research & Development

AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

AZAD focuses on molecules that are complex to synthesize both from a process as well as patents points of view. The process development is managed under the supervision of AZAD’s own chemists based in Schaffhausen Switzerland.

API development: quality, excellence and outstanding service

AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG is a Swiss-based company specialising in API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) development and research. The company was originally set up to market the APIs of CILG, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The next strategic development was the co-operation with the University of Zurich to develop their own, non-infringing APIs. Thereafter there was an investment in the Korean company, Yonsung Fine Chemicals Ltd. that enabled AZAD to add a range of prostaglandins to its product portfolio. More recently, there have been cooperation with several Chinese producers. Today, the company works with an international network of specialised contract research manufacturers, consultants and partners to create specialised products for worldwide markets. The most exciting development is the opening of AZAD’s own labs in Yerevan, Armenia in 2015. This has enabled AZAD to develop its own APIs in a cost effective way to the laboratory scale.

Explore API development with AZAD

AZAD focuses on molecules that are deemed complex to synthesise in terms of intellectual property landscape (patents), chemical structure and processing. The process development stage is supervised by the company's own team of chemists at its base in Schaffhausen, Switzerland while AZAD’s own development laboratories are established in Yerevan/Armenia. AZAD offers a wide range of APIs to its worldwide customers together with full support in logistics, technology, regulatory and intellectual property. The latest additions to the company portfolio are Ferric Carboxymaltose, Sugammadex and AZAD Maraviroc. AZAD works with a team of external specialists and highly qualified manufacturers in order to develop dossiers APIs, so called Drug Master Files (DMFs). The company then makes its dossiers available to clients in CTD format for out-licensing and subsequent development and registration of the respective Finished Dosage Forms.

While current developments are based on AZAD’s views, a cooperation with a third party to develop specific active pharmaceutical ingredients for a third party is also a possibility.

What products are offered by AZAD for API development?

AZAD is pleased to offer its clients a range of specially selected API products. These APIs are of high quality and are manufactured in FDA / EU GMP facilities. The company will soon expand its dossier with products like Sugammadex and Ferric Carboxymaltose. Sugammadex is an exciting option in API development terms. This product is a first in a new class of drugs called Selective Relaxant Binding Agents, Sugammadex is used in general anaesthesia to reverse neuromuscular blockade. Ferric Carboxymaltose is used to quickly replenish iron levels and is one of the first injectibles of this type to be dextran free. These are just two of the new APIs offered by AZAD and you can explore them further or see the company's full product list at www.azad.ch. Whatever your personal interest in API development you can rely on AZAD for quality, excellence and outstanding service. Take a look at our website today or contact us directly by email or telephone for more detailed information on AZAD API development.

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